405 Series 2 SRDT Blown Fuse Help
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    Default 405 Series 2 SRDT Blown Fuse Help

    Hi, My wifes Ser. 2 1996 SRDT 405 has just started having an electrical problem. While she was driving it the Air Bag light came on, at the same time both cooling fans run full speed and the Temp gauge stops working. The fuse that blows is #2 fuse 5amp near your right knee under the dash.

    When I replace the fuse it lasts long enough to shom me that it is down to 70deg as both fans are running instead of the usual 80 to 90 deg range this car has always runs at. Then it blows again. It is only a 5 amp fuse, but I am not sure what is wrong.
    Could it be the temp sender conections mentioned in another thread?, but they presented different symtoms.
    Where are the relays? Are they in the same place as a Ser 1 405? Between the fans? When they blew on my old MI16 the fans just stopped though.

    Please help...

    regards Paul


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    Yes the fan relays are between the fans, that is one left one right and one between the actual fans but all 3 relays are at the front and easy to see once you remove the grill.

    Not sure what to make of your fuse blowing as the Haynes circuit diagrams don't include everything such as the air bag circuit. I'd pull the connector off the temp sensor and measure resistance of the sensor to earth when engine is cold and then when hot. You should see an increase in resistance from memory, as the fans go full blast when this connector is removed (i.e. when the circuit is open or high resistance). Hope I've remembered that correctly.

    I've got scans of related circuit diagrams but not sure if they'll help - pm me with your email address if you want me to send them to you.


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