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    Default Pug 505 Rims

    Hi All,

    I just bought myself a 505 and and it has the metric rims on it I have tired to call a few wreckers with no luck because i don't really know what im looking for

    Could someone give me a hand in finding a set of 15 or 14 inch rims? what ones will fit my car and how much should i be looking to spend?


    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Depends on whether you want alloys of steel rims. These are regularly up for sale on AF or on eBay.

    The 505 GTI had 15" alloy wheels which looked similar to the TRX (metric) ones you have - expect to pay between $200 and $400. They use the same wheel nuts as well.

    There are 14" alloy wheels of various makes/models produced for Peugeots - the nicest genuine is the alloy which came out in 1985 for some STI's and the late 80s GTI wagons. Probably the same cost as the 15" alloys above. There are also Dunlop and Cheviot rims which were used on earlier models and look good too - you would need new wheel nuts for them. Ask Robbo if he has any.

    Steel wheels should be really cheap - there are several types - the SR which had a hole in the centre (best option), the GR type which had the hub cap secured in the centre - more expensive to get balanced. 504 rims also fit.

    The early and late 505 wagons had steel wheels (early used 14" and late used 15"). These used different wheel nuts to the ones above. You can then fit genuine or after market hub caps .
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    the 15'' GTI rims

    and the steelies Pugnut was talking about


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    Thanks guys, i like the alloys but im just looking for some steel rims at the moment I've already blown a tyer and need a set asap.. i had a quick look on ebay would either know a place in the Sydney area that would be my best chance of getting a set ...

    once again thanks


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    I have a set of BRAND NEW 505 GTi 15" steel wheels .
    These are genuine Peugeot wheels still with part number sticker .never had a tyre fitted.
    Also have a set of used 505 GTi 15" steel wheels , these are much cheaper but are not as bright and shinny as the new ones.
    Give me a call if interested
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