Midnight in Paris..1920's Pug limo'!
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    Default Midnight in Paris..1920's Pug limo'!

    Woody Allen new-release movie Midnight in Paris has two stars as far as I'm concerned...
    Paris which as always looks fabulous and
    the yellow 1920's Pug Limo which picks up the main man and other interesting characters ( perhaps obviously )around midnight.
    By the look of the smoky exhaust and the silky soundinging donk i'd take a stab at saying it's a sleeve valve version.
    the main character asks the driver "isn't that a 'poojoe?"
    There are other current pugs and frogs in the 2010 streetscenes.
    Being an Allen movie it's a bit quirky and amusing yarn; having a bit of a go at the american archetype.



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