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    Default 306 Cab

    Hi all

    Recently bought a lovely Moonstone blue 2001 306 Cabriolet and love her very muchly


    Pre inspection report done by State Wide who were waaay more thorough than RACV.

    However there are 2 little issues that I thought I would ask if anyone else has encountered;

    The engine often registers like 90/100 heat when I have only driven a little way - this seems to happen after I have taken the roof down...

    and there is a whistly squeak sometimes from the front left of the car when I go over a lump or bump. Not always but often enough.

    Just wondered if anyone had encountered similar issues.

    Many thanks

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    Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your new Pininfarina Peugeot.

    I am guessing that when you say the temperature guage goes up to 90~100 in a short while you mean from cold ? If that's the case I would be looking at the temperature sender or the thermostat may not be opening fully. In either case it's is something that the inspection should have picked up on. What colour is the coolant / water in the expansion bottle ?

    The squeak from the front when you go over bumps is most probably the anti roll bar bushes. This can be eliminated by spraying with a good silicone lube, just make sure you don't get any overspray on the brake discs...

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    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong I'm sure, but I think I recall from another thread that often one of the twin rad fans can stop working and this can cause the higher than normal temp. Maybe its the source of your noise too. Worth checking anyways.
    Good luck.

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