406 D9 V6 (manual trans) Pollution warning light
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    Default 406 D9 V6 (manual trans) Pollution warning light

    Pollution warning light just came on after stopping for a few minutes following a 200 km run at around 100 km/h. No previous history of trouble - anyone have suggestions what might be the problem ??


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    Could be your ignition coils (particularly if you've noticed the car sluggish at times). Have a D9 406 V6 automatic 2002 myself and just paying to have the remaining 4 coils replaced after first replacement of one in April and the second in September this year. The first warning of them getting dodgy is the anti-pollution fault. If it is this, and you need to replace then the genuine part from Peugeot (#597094) is a Delphi coil - you can find these far cheaper online from the UK (I got for about 24 pounds each) and you might as well get all of them (although I know some say there's no reason for them all to go at once). Good luck with it.

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