Hmm ... 403 meets 206; not VeryGC*
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    Default Hmm ... 403 meets 206; not VeryGC*

    Out and about in the 403 sedan this afternoon (30 mins before the Gold Coast hail storm from hell).

    At the lights a 206 pulls up beside, winds down passenger window.

    Dude: "What year is that?"

    friday403: "1960".


    Dude: "Cool car - looks good. Would not like to run into it! Looks solid."

    friday403: "How's the 206 run"? (Being polite)

    Dude: "Hey, just what sort of car is that?"

    friday403: "Peugeot".

    Dude: "Ohh." (Drives on as lights change).

    friday403: "Sigh".

    [* Ed: VeryGC was a marketing slogan promoting the Gold Coast, Qld Australia]

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    sometimes when I wave to other Pugs, the driver looks at me as if I just pointed a gun at him. No f'n recognition at all. Makes you wonder, eh?
    Les W.

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    Did I do anything last night that suggested I was sane?

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    Its worth reflecting that, as generations come and go, things that are iconic to us, are forgotten. A few years ago, my yardstick for the 'generation gap of knowledge' was the Subaru WRX; as in "if it isn't a Subaru WRX, they wouldn't have any idea". Probably in 15 years time, the WRX and its signifigance, will be entirely forgotten. My best example is the Porsche 356 of 1951 - 1965 : the majority under 50, on seeing what my family refer to as an "Egg Porsche", could not identify one on sight in the street. Which demonstrates particularly, the perils of collecting in general - in time the most classic of artifacts will be of significance to so few, that your market vanishes.

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    Except the truly beautiful and/or well designed will always find collectors. For example anything designed by Georges Paulin or built by Marcel Pourtout. Collected like works of art in America with prices to match.

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