Peugeot 205 heat shield
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    Default Peugeot 205 heat shield


    Last week this heat shield spectacularly decided to make a bid for freedom and disconnected itself from the rest of the car. The vehicle is a 205Si and this heatshield was towards the the front of the car. Normally would be rectangular but obviously is quite bent.


    Looks like there's a plug on there for grounding. Any ideas as to what function this shield serves and whether it's mission critical?

    1992 205 Si
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    Looks like its from the bulkhead behind the exhaust.

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    It's the exhaust shield. It protects the bend of the downpipe where it changes direction and runs along the bottom of car. The plate is normally loosely pop rivetted to the front subframe and the circlips shown push on to a round tubular crossmember located further back. Most people remove them as they tend to rattle over time.

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