Urgent help!! 306 Speedo needle not working!!
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    Default Urgent help!! 306 Speedo needle not working!!

    I just took the speedo out to replace the bulb and put it back in now the speedo is way under and the rev counter is 1k under what is says (Supposed to idle at 1000 but idels at 0) any help!!!??? )':


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    Default Speedo ---- Taco

    Speedo.. Early 306s were cable, later ones (N5 [others?] were electronic. Which is yours? I'd say later. If so, they do that!!!!!! honestly, they are know to be temperamental. But because your taco is misbehaving, it sounds like the signal to the panel.

    The TACO

    if so, given that you have just taken the instruments panel out...

    1) check fuse... I have been know to kill a fuse in a car with no power going through the electrics, just by disturbing it. It is also the easiest to check.

    2) connection. Is the plug in right? Sure it must be 'in' for other things to work - and it depends on the year of your 306 and engine type, transmission type as to what goes through your main plug in the panel - but it might just need re-inserting.

    3) Did you pull on the loom, stretch the connector into the plug. I am not exactly sure there 306s pick up their taco reading from. It might be straight from the ECU, but I am no expert here. So it might be that your ECU needs resetting?

    Sorry I can't be helpful. I have buggered lots of things in the two 306s I have/had, but not this one.
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    I can't remember if its possible to mix the plugs up on the 306's but,
    Did you plug the right plug into the right socket.

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