505 Engine Swapping ?...
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    505 Engine Swapping ?...

    Hi from NZ. Our summer finally arrived late last week !

    I am musing the possibilities of putting the OHC 2.2 motor into my '89 505 family estate which is currently XN1A powered. Where does the elec fuel pump mount on the Gti/Sli estates - do they use a different fuel tank ? Mine tank is plastic. The only other drama for me would be bell housing issues onto my 4HP22. I guess that if I'm going to do it, it would be worth holding out for the L-jet version, the mechanical ones scare me!

    Or, even more exotic would be a V6 estate - has that ever been done ? We now get around 30 mpg on a long trip, what is the best you have seen with the V6 ?!!?

    If anyone is familiar with the Gti/Sli 505 estates - is their (front only?) suspension uprated like the sedans etc ?



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    The fuel tank should be the same i think jason.

    The fuel pump is mounted under the left hand side of the body, level with the connection point of the rear axle triangulation bars to the torque tube.

    Don't know about the bell housing issue. Late model Peugeot 505 wagons in Australia came with the 2.2l engine and the 4 speed auto though, so appropriate bell housings are presumably available.

    The GTI estate front suspension has different set up specs from the other estates (different steering axis inclination etc) . I suspect that it probably is beefed up a bit.

    The biggest issue, though, with this sort of upgrade, would be the electrics . You would really need to create your own add-on wiring loom I suspect. This is what has deterred me from dropping a spare XN6 engine into a 504.


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