3008 HDI fuel consumption mystery
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    Default 3008 HDI fuel consumption mystery

    I put diesel fuel from the local 7 eleven into my 3008 on several occasions because it ran low and there's no BP close by, and did notice that it seemed a little rough when changing gear at certain speeds on two fillups. Just a bit, and it just felt a little bit 'unhappy' generally.
    I went back to BP, and the car runs smoother, but the computer consumption readout has gone from average 7.7ltr / 100 to 8.4 with the BP. Same trips, same driving pattern and noted it on the last three top ups. All from the same station. ? Why could it be so?


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    Looks like you've given the "Wombat" a bad drink or two and its got the runs. It'll take a while for it to clear out.

    Yeah the HDi's really don't like the low grade stuff and thats why I make a point of always putting in the Ultimate Diesel in ours.

    There's a BP in Elanora that does Ultimate Diesel thats around 5k's from Burleigh. I thought there was one in Miami but it does not appear on BP's official list.

    Another thing to remember is that as the ambient temperature gets higher the fuel consumption will go up a bit as the air is hotter and less dense. The air con also works a bit longer when its warmer etc... Intercoolers are the most efficient at higher speeds....

    The funny thing is that with our 1.6 HDi the average consumption has gone up from 5.6L to 6.1L, mainly town driving, ever since it came back from the dealers. It had a new Throttle body [ air doser ] under warranty.

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