Petrol Smell in 406
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    Default Petrol Smell in 406

    You'd think a petrol smell would be fairly easy to track down.
    I spilled some from a twostroke container in the boot last week.
    Bad fumes. So I took out the carpet and the cover over the spare tyre, and aired them in a couple of really sunny days. Great, they have almost no smell, so I just put the spare tyre cover back.
    We go for the big loop, hunter valley to Sydney to Blue Mountains, through Rylestone, back to Muswellbrook and home. Bad petrol smell starts happening halfway home, kids get headaches, and I have a really good look next morning.
    I take out the inside wheel cover under the filler cap, undo the filler screws, see a bit of fuel around the cap, look at all the plastic crap behind the filler and decide it must be the cap.
    I put the spare on and no more petrol round the cap, it's all back together and I do another big drive. Apparently no fuel smell.
    Then I come back to it a day later and open the door and it stinks.

    I then drive to town and thinking it's residual I open windows for awhile and then close them.
    It seems I can't really smell it with windows shut. But then after half an hour I start to get a small whiff.
    OK, maybe I haven't changed the air filter in good time, so I pull up and take off the hose to the injectors and filter.
    No smell there.

    I now am at my wits end. Any clues as to where I should look would be most appreciated. It seems the smell is coincidental with the spillage, which has caused further confusion.

    The last car did this when the aircon was on in very hot weather and you were crawling in bumper to bumper. Never worked that one out either.


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    i once had this problem in a 505 wagon, turned out the breather hose for the petrol tank was busted, every time i filled up and turned around a corner, the petrol in the tank would slosh up and out the pipe into the space behind the wheel....boy oh boy did it stink, everyone in the car got huge headaches

    so check the breather hose....hope this helps

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    Default had that on 406 wagon

    daughters 406 wagon had that smell whenever stopped at lights, has a filter cannister inside drivers arch think has a pump too, anyway had a cracked connection, repaired and smell didnt return, regards fisher.

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    It's only a worry if it is a deisel
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