406 Gearbox down
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    Default 406 Gearbox down

    Well got the news today, the 406's auto is officially in need of reconstruction. It is a ZF 4 HP 20, in a SV model. The Torque converter clutch is noisy and slipping, with metal contaminate in the oil. Harsh 2-1 down shift and reverse engagement thrown in for good measure.


    Any advice as who is any good to do the repair. The first quote I have is over $5k for removing, full rebuild and refit.

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    That's on the low end of the quotes that I got to rebuild ours. I ended up pulling the gearbox (and engine) out myself, taking the torque converter to be overhauled, replacing the oil pump bush, replacing the filter (which can only be done by splitting the gearbox) and replaced one dead solenoid valve.

    Cost me a lot less than that. But there are some expensive bits that you can't get around, for example the specific type of oil that the gearbox requires.

    While I had the engine and gearbox out, I also replaced the timing belt, tensioners, camshaft (x4) and crankshaft (x2) oil seals and water pump, and resealed the cam boxes and sump. Makes it all easy with the engine on a stand! I bought the factory Peugeot toolkit for the engine too, and that made things really easy.

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    Sounds expensive what ever you do...

    I would put Wynns Supreme Automatic Transmission Treatment into the gearbox see how much it improves the problem and then part exchange the car for another 406 or 407 or 607.


    Here is a nice 607 V6 with only 136K;


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    Sadly the 4HP20 in my old SV has recently collapsed too. Sold it to my brother so yes, I feel guilty

    Has never had Dex 3 in it, I changed the ATF every two years with Transmax Z and it's only done 140K km.

    The usual problems, banging from box, holding gears etc.

    Perhaps ZF and Siemens know something we don't?

    Beautiful cars written off by virtue of their gearboxes...

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    I doubt an additive would address the problem here. What can happen is the pump pickup/filter becomes blocked, the pump runs dry and destroys itself. Whether you can get away with just a pump/converter repair will depend on what else has happened. That will be considerably less than $5K, which is probably quite fair for a full overhaul. If you can get a new torque converter, it's preferable to a rebuilt one as rebuilt will mean new (aftermarket) friction material, but often not much else.

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