My 505 SRDT is back on the road...
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    Icon7 My 505 SRDT is back on the road...

    I know this is very boring but I am very happy...she passed the NSW blue slip first time.

    I still haven't got around to re-fitting the power steering pump so she is running without. This is fine, but on faster corners ( )you do need to hold on with both hands. Also the other day on a sweeping downhill series I think I felt a bit of flex in the steering flector, a part I have new sympathy with, having just replaced one on the wagon. So that is the next mission...the radiator must be removed and a bolt easy-outed...these things would be less of a drag if the cars weren't both daily drivers, at least in theory...


    I love my 505s. Good thing really.

    Goonengerry 505

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    Default 505s

    Well done Thom! I know the feeling of getting a 505 through as roadworthy inspection successfully. Enjoy driving it

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