Mi16 not starting
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    Default Mi16 not starting

    Hi all

    Another thread about this @#(*& Mi16!


    So after putting the engine back togeather and getting it ready to drive, I had to jump start her - understandable I guess as it hadnt been started for a couple of months... that was Saturday - took it for nice long drive to help charge the battery and went to start it again yesterday (Sunday) - nothing, nada, zip - just a click... *sigh* I thought and took the Volvo instead..

    Fast forward (1 day) to today, in fact not long ago when I thought I would jump start it and run a multimeter across the battery to see if the alternator was working (it was replaced last year by French Car Care)

    So I hooked it all up, my volt meter in the car was showing over 12 volts (pre jumper it was around 10) so I turned the key - and all I get was a weak turnover (like it was going really flat)

    I tried a few different points for the negative lead to make sure I had a solid connection and tried again - same result - I gave the Volvo a few revs and tried again - same result.. it was at that stage I saw a little smoke coming from the + terminal on the jumper lead (melting insulation I would guess) and decided against any further attempts as I would rather not fry the Ovlov.

    I think the battery may be on the way out, but before I spend $100+, I was hoping for confirmation that that in fact may be the issue, or if there is a bigger problem here...
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    Hiya Mate,

    Don't get disheartened and DON"T GIVE UP! You have a great motor there but they need a little love.

    Does sound like a battery / current problem although I had a similar problem with my starter when I did a MI swap. I tried three second hand starters and they all had a "no real grunt" problem.

    JR20516V put me onto a starter that is from a 306. It uses a planitary gearbox where as the std MI16 starter does not. It sounds like a WW2 spitfire upon starting bust hasn't missed a beat since.

    As for the charging problem, Check all the earths! That means disconnect them, make sure they have clean steel connections as over time, grease and oil create resistance. You might even have a hot spot in the battery cables causing resistance.

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    Default Try this

    connect the black jump lead direct to the block or gearbox ,or run a wire directly to starter solenoid with a female spade connecter ,touch it on the pos terminal ,see how it goes ,make sure its out of gear ,possibly your now healthy motor has has exposed some weakness, there for some time ,dont know how far down you had it ,could you have dislodged something in the starter region ,check the connection between cable and terminals on battery

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    If you've had the engine out, check that the earth cable between the top of the gearbox and the chassis is tightly connected. Without a good earth between the motor and chassis the alternator will not charge to the battery.
    Check all your earths.
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    Wow my series one had the exact same problem (but with out a rebuild).

    I ran an extra earth and it worked for ages. Then stopped. I played with the wires to the alternator, and well every earth I could find. I then gave up and changed the alternator. And put a 306 120 amp one on. this brought the charge rate up but not up enough.
    I then put another rather crude earth on it directly to the battery and it been happy since.
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