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Thread: Rim repairs

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    Default Rim repairs

    Any recommendations on where i can get some gutter rash and a respray on some rims. Im in canberra but willing to drive to NSW for a good repairer.


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    Default rims


    Try Jax in Fyshwick. The guy who repaired wheels at Wheel Factory in Queanbeyan now works from Jax in Fyshwick. Its a sort of a 2nd business there. He's done about 10 for me over the years.

    If its a simple paint job maybe try David Hand Smash Repairs in Fyshwick. They'll paint anything!

    Also theres a new business in Mitchell called Rallimax sport. Dont know much about Max but seen his ad in CityNews. He does wheel straightening - not sure about painting.
    Rallimax Sport Pty Ltd
    ABN: 34979189830
    12 Callan Street, Mitchell ACT 2911

    PO Box 499, Mitchell ACT 2911
    (02) 6255 6880
    Mobile: 0404 822 667
    [email protected]

    No need to go to Sydneytown...

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    Ive read on a rally forum that since wheel factory was purchased by Jax it hasnt been the same. So im a little reluctant to go to Jax. Not to mention that I had to bend backwards to get some service in the place.

    Wicked wheels has refurbed one for me before, but the paint is now peeling off 1 year latter , so there are roges out there. Would like to get this right the first time, I find so much energy goes into correcting poor workmanship.

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