Congratulations to Peugeot for another win with the 908 at the Silverstone 6 Hour endurance ILMC.

The 908 No. 7 car piloted by Sebastian Bourdais and Simon Peganaud started from pole position and crossed the finish line first after a relaible and error free race.

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Some Interesting Technical Spec on this years 908;

HDI V8 3.7L
Twin Turbos [ with air restrictors due to regulations ] producing only 550 HP thats down on last years V12 HDI with 750 HP. Thats new regs for you...
Bosch common rail direct fuel injection
Two FAP Filters : I wonder if the drivers have ever called in a "Depollution Fault"
Weight: 900 Kg
6 Speed sequential gearbox
Magnesium rims 14.5 X 18"
Michelin 37/71-18 Boots
Fuel Tank: 65L
Length: 4640mm
Width: 2000mm
Height: 1030mm [ Get a tape measure out and sit under 1030mm ] Dont forget the drivers have helmets a bit of ground clearance, floor pan and seat frame + seat thickness.
0-100kmh in around 2.5s
Top Speed: Depending on gearing and tune state but has recorded over 400kmh during testing.

Next Race is on 1st October at the Petit Le Mans - Road Atlanta USA