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Thread: TRX tyres

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    TRX tyres

    found out the other dayy that AVON make a tyre that fits the metric 390 wheels
    they are AVON turbospeed CR18 190 X 65 X 390
    so they are 10mm wider than the original michelin TRX tyre not that i see that as a problem and the best part is as far as i know they are $90ea
    now that has to be a far better option than trying to find someone with michelin TRX's for around the $220+ price range if you can find them
    i drove on avon's a few years ago and i didn't find them a bad tyre but i must admit it wasn't my car that they were on so i wasn't paying a lot of attn to them but from memory they seemd ok
    anyone else had much to do with AVON tyres ?

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    They used to fit Avons to Rolls Royce's , Pugrambo, so they shouldn't be too bad.

    A few Citroen people used to like Avons. Haven't seen the around for a while though.


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    Avons were/are reputedly fitted to RRs because they were (are still?) the quietest (road noise etc) tyre made.

    Not surprising really, the RR Avons had almost completely straight lines for a tread pattern

    edit.....found a modern RR Avon tyre pic....mmmm grippy

    Avon do make sporty tyres too....i have no idea what those are like tho

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    What about the 340 tyres fitted to the Fuego?

    Are there replacements available for them?

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    How about trying a set of 265 75 16's which is what my suburban runs. Pretty good on the snow and off road !!!!!!!!!
    My 405 back home runs either 215 45 or 225 40 17' Nangkangs.
    Oh how I yearn for less bodyroll.

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