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Thread: 407 tyre valves (pressure sensing) $300ea?

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    When I realised how far above the plane connecting the highest front/rear points I stuck up, I designed & commissioned a well-braced full cage made from heavy gauge aluminium tube (scaffolding tube). Even so, it's light & a warmish single DCOE 1330 engine motivates it well enough.

    I rather like being able to reach across & check that I haven't left the fuel cap at the petrol station. I also have a marked wooden stick as an accurate fuel gauge (memories of the Series ll A Land Rovers I drove in the army & their "petrol gauge" dip sticks). Not a lot can go wrong with a wooden stick & I don't even need a part # to replace it :-)

    cheers! Peter


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    For the record (for those who break theirs in future) , I purchased 4 replacement valve stems for total $11.53 delivered 2 weeks from China. They are identical to those used in Chrysler/Dodge vehicles so are produced by the tens of thousand on a daily basis.
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