307 Touring Bike Rack (Melbourne)
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    Default 307 Touring Bike Rack (Melbourne)

    I'm looking for advice about choosing and buying a bike rack for my 307 Touring? What is the best type of bike rack to use for my Peugeot, and what are my options available to me in Melbourne?

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    what type of bike?...carbon frames can be damaged by standard bike carriers...have you got a tow bar...If not, you ll b limited to either a 'strap-on' style or roof rack...roof rack becomes expensive as each bike needs a separate carrier...

    So..if you ve got a towbar..it ll cost you from about $60 for a double cheapee, $100 plus for a stanfred and the something like rhino around $230...but these are fully lockable, tiltable etc...Strap ons vary in parice depending on supplier and retailer allow $100 plus... bike carriers for roof racks are around 140 each and this doesnt include roof bars if you havent got them...
    Either way...its gonna cost you...shop around...speak to car accessory retailers and bike shops...you ll know when you are given the right advice...




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    Default Well linked Dino...

    Dino you may have helped more than Richard re: bike racks. Those links are really great as they show the attributes of both and the pitfalls.
    The rear/towbar mount systems can limit access. Wouldn't you be 'pleased' to find that you have to remove the carrier to gain, not only the bikes. The rear strap on type mean you have no hope of lifting the hatch/tail gate when loaded.
    Word of caution with the roof rack type, remember they are there and loaded as one lapse in memory will have very expensive indeed.
    I'd take a bike with me when deciding and do a fair dinkum trial fit. The three bike carrier works on two out of three cars fitted with tow bars. The Fowlcan tail gate gets in the way when mount/loaded but remove the treadlies, unhook the d-shackle and chain and take out the locating bolt and it's all sweet! Mines a Shisham engineering that cost well under $100, find them via e-bay(SWMBO found it!), needs a towbar as the only requirement.

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