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    Default More on blue slips NSW

    Happily today I got my 406 blue slipped with little trouble. It was pretty immaculate apart from a couple of wallaby dings.

    So I took the opportunity to ask the guy about getting my 203 through the hoops.

    Any mods was the question.

    Well it's got seatbelts in the front, and yes it has a 403 engine.
    So he reckons I'll have to get it engineered. That'll cost up to $600 just because of the above mods.
    And will the dude know what he's talking about?

    Any expert opinions here would be most welcome.

    If it went on club plates, for instance, would that make it easier when it comes to the real thing?


    Or maybe the old rego when it lived here in NSW could fix the problem?

    Mr Arbuzz, where are you? I think it's time we had another chat.

    Or perhaps I should have just denied the engine change? Would they have a clue these days anyhow?

    Anyway, I thought it was worth running it by you good people.

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    If you have a car on historic registration that you wish to move to full registration you must go through a blue slip inspection - well the car does! Historic rego is essentially a permit to drive an unregistered vehicle under certain conditions.

    I moved UFO off historic rego back to full rego a few years ago and had to get a blue slip. It was no great hassle as I had not made any changes.

    More info on historic rego is here.
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    Default rego

    Re blue slips.
    What they dont ask dont tell. legally he is correct about seatbelts
    but as I understand you can increase engine capacity 20%

    go to another tester say that is how car was registered in Victoria, dont raise issues
    point out how sound the body is no rust , big brakes for car of that age, etc.

    club reg requires the same slips as full rego as i understand it

    When I went to reg my 203, on opening the bonnet Kevin said "that's a 403 motor"!!
    " cant put anything over you" I said, "not when i did my apprentiship on these "he replied,
    while giving the form a tick and a pass.

    way back then they loved changing diffs because they made good money from the scrapped bronze crown wheels

    good luck

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    +1 for Alpine. What they don't know don't hurt them.

    I was in a fix with recording the 205 engine change to the Mi16. Queensland transport wanted engineers reports as the car was never released in Australia with "that engine". .....Its still a 1.9 but has a twin cam head. Who's to say I just didn't swap the head onto the old engine?

    Went to the next shop (queensland transport), learning by my mistake, presented the notification of engine change form, they confirmed the engine number, took my money and off I went. They didn't ask, I didn't tell.

    Different situation I know, but it's only the old guys with exteriance that can pick it.

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    don't tell them it has a 403 engine in it and it's within the boundaries anyway

    just get them to note the chassis number, engine number and test the lights,wipers,horn and brakes as per normal

    nothing major

    just have to teach them how to get 1st,2nd and reverse for the brake test

    if i were you i'd go to someone else as that one was way to anal
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