406-STDT diesel pump project in Adelaide
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    Default 406-STDT diesel pump project in Adelaide

    I've posted this using the same title as Julian's original thread.

    He started it on the 19th August 2009 when he began a project to convert his 12-valve 2.1-litre 406 from the appalling Lucas Epic computer-controlled injector pump to the excellent Bosch mechanical pump used on the 405 STDT.

    I've done this to make it easier for anyone searching for that thread to find the info it contained. Of all the threads on the subject at that time, it probably contained the most comprehensive information. All was lost in the Go Daddy crash of 2010.

    All my posts on the Lucas Epic problem dating back to mid 2007 were also lost, and the only information that I still have on file as photos or hard-copy, relate to Julian's thread.


    All that info from Julian's thread has now been reassembled in 750frog's new thread here ...
    HELP Lucas EPIC to Bosch conversion on 406 2.1TD

    I've e-mailed Julian to let him know that the thread info has been salvaged, in case he has anything to add.

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    I think I may have salvaged some pages from google cached files after the wonder-crash but no promises. I will post anything else to the thread linked above to save duplication here.
    Again thanks. My first thought on finding out about the crash was losing that thread.

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