For some reason i can't get into the unirversal motors topic.
It has happened to me before it keeps telling me to log in (when i already have logged in)


No i don't know him mate
I have spent a mint on my 205 as well no thanks to some peugeot dealers.
I will most likely go for some sprints with some clubs once the car is completed.


I will keep this short and brief but i have been to small courts tribunal with bob watson (to cut it short i was ripped off)
I am talking big money in the thousands not some little thing.
But i won in court.

I deal with alpine affair all the time great guys but One of the 2 of them have broken a screw in my break hubs and also damaged the end of my new diveshaft ($550 dollars new)
No one of them said anything about above problem.
I could not even come to telling them there as they r great guys but i should have as i have ended up repairing the brand new driveshaft and managed to get a new nut on it.