3008 2.0l diesel
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    Default 3008 2.0l diesel

    I'm thinking seriously about buying a 3008 2.0 diesel demo when the deal is right. Anybody have any opinions about these and most important does anybody have one and how is it?


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    Great car. I had a rental in the UK on my last business trip. I was impressed wih the interior and the seating is very comfortable.

    The 2.0 Diesel is a great engine with plenty of torque.

    We really liked the rear boot shelf that can be positioned in any one of three heights with only one hand. Also like the rear split tailgate. The panormaic roof lets in so much light it was almost like being in a convertible.

    This car was car of the year in the UK in 2010.

    I suppose the only downside is that it does look a bit like a Guinea Pig on steroids.

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    I recently had a turbo petrol version as a service loaner for a day. I found the centre console a bit imposing, but otherwise the car was nice. To drive it felt a lot like my wife' 307. It went pretty well with the petrol motor but it would be way better and more economical with the diesel. I am not sure what the demand or value would be come resale though, but that probably goes for any new French car. I haven't seen too many 3008's on the road so far.

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