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Thread: Dilema

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    I'm in a bit of a spot and I was wondering if I could get some opinions.

    We have had our 97 406 st for a couple of years now and last week someone pulled out in front of my wife ind scraped down the side of it. I was hoping for a write off So I could start again. I bought it for $3500.
    The insurance company has given us 3100 which is the cost of repair.
    I was hoping for the write off because the gearbox has been a bit funny lately and the interior is starting to get a little rough, door lining is coming off etc. It has around 260000 on the clock..
    My wife was stoked with the car and wants to get another one.
    I'm torn between getting it repaired or getting another one and trying to get rid of the crashed one for parts.
    Any thoughts?? What could I get for a whole car with left hand front damage??



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    Grab the cash and go looking for another 406, using the partial wreck as a parts car.
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