Just thought I'd mention a good upholsterer Northside Brisbane.

I have Citroens but when driving in the other day to get the green carpets in Janet's Auto Pallas a Peugeot was driving out.

His done well so far so I might move onto the leather seats in the '67 car next and then doors.

John Paas.

ALL CAR INTERIORS at Windsor in Brisbane. Phone is 07- 38571141

Website :- - - www.allcarinteriors.com.au

It's taken me years to find someone who is "normal" and you can talk to and gives a straight answer.


Our '68 Safari looks wonderful with it's new original type grey cloth lining put on a thin foam for $490. A Safari roof is not an easy one especially done in situ.

They have done 3 radiator shrouds FITTED onto the aluminium at 250.00 - 300.00.

A grey cloth roof lining in Janet's Pallas Auto. Stuart wanted only 150.00 and as I was embarresed at the low price gave him some more.

He is getting in green carpet to do Janet's Pallas so they'll get plenty more work from us.

Very grateful, John Paas.