any one willing to help? mi16
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    Default any one willing to help? mi16

    Hey guys.

    i have recently undertaken an mi16 conversion to my series 1 205 gti, at the moment the engine is in the car and everything is done apart from the wiring, the wiring has been my biggest headache. so i was wondering if the was anyone who knows what there doing in the Sydney area who would be willing to come down and help me over the weekend? in return i could give you some 205 gti parts or a case of beer. anyone who is interested please give me a shout.


    cheers jack.

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    Mate I'd love to help but Im up here in Brissy. I have just done mine and it wasn't to hard - just a bit of brain power and quiet time gets you through it.

    I still have the notes I used if they are any help - or you can find heaps of stuff to guide you through on the net.

    First thing I did that REALLY helped was to separate the dash gauges loom from the engine management. Take the insolating tape off the entire 205's loom and you will see they have been wraped together.

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