my new 308 1.6T
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Thread: my new 308 1.6T

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    Default my new 308 1.6T

    Hi - greetings

    I have bitten the bullet and heart in mouth traded my 07 Citroen C5 diesel on a new Pug 308 sportium 1.6T petrol which I am collecting on Tuesday. Have Had two 307's and both had numerous problems but they should have improved reliability by now ??
    Anyway the main question is about petrol - they say premium unleaded is needed but I used to fill 1/2 premium and 1/2 unleaded mixture in my previous cars because of the cost and they went OK. Lots of people do this by the way.
    I've also been told standard unleaded is OK with every third fillup premium. What do you all think??

    nice to be with you all

    regards Kev.


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    Congrats on the new car Kev

    Re the fuel.. I found it was false economy to put ordinary unleaded in my petrol pugs for a couple of reasons
    one is premium fuel gives you better economy so is no dearer over a tankful. (about 3mpg I documented on a trip to Brisbane and back)
    secondly, the car is a different animal when it gets the better fuel. I found that the car was much better to drive as the engine revved freer and was more tractable around town, whereas with the granny petrol you had to change down at higher revs or the motor would rattle (ping).
    Also premium petrol supposedly keeps your injectors cleaner.

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    congrats Kev!

    our XTS has only ever had 98 in its tanks and it seems to love it

    unfortunately the old 307 sport-180 had no problems compared to the XTS. which is a shame because the XTS is a much, much better car.

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    Chokito says NO NO NO............

    Quote Originally Posted by bigkev414 View Post
    Have Had two 307's and both had numerous problems but they should have improved reliability by now ??
    You have had problems with previous cars and now you want to try and break the new car. Don't do it, it is false economy.


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    I tried 91 with Ethanol (supposedly 94 octane) in my 207 GT once (related engine). It ran like a dog, didn't idle smoothly, and used about 20% more fuel. Don't do it.

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    Regular unleaded is like cask wine. It'll may you and your car sick. Use the good stuff. A: its false economy. B: If you can't afford premium, you can't afford the car.
    If you want to use regular, go and buy a Hyundai.

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