505 SRDT Power Steering dramas
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    Icon8 505 SRDT Power Steering dramas

    So it goes like this. My darling wife was driving out of the property t'other day and there was a sudden crack and clunk under the bonnet. But she didn't notice anything untoward thereafter and so drove on to Brunswick Heads and back with the kids.

    The power steering pump bracket has come away from the engine block. 1 stud broken off shear with the block, another with 1 cm sticking out. The last and lowest of the three is loose but can't be removed yet as it is blocked in by what I take to be the air conditioner compressor bracket. At the moment I can't even get the pump out of the way to check this third bolt out as I don't have a 16mm wrench (let alone 2) to undo the high pressure hose and all shops are closed . The pump has lost its fluid - I think there is damage to the bottom of the pump body from collision with the air conditioner compressor below it.
    So my questions for you folk are:

    1. What the hell do I do about the 3 studs - can they be drilled out and a new thread made? What kind of outfit does this sort of work and is it expensive? Of course it is.
    2. If I have to remove the compressor bracket can it be done without decomissioning the air-con and how heavy will it be to support?
    3. Obviously the steering is horribly heavy at parking speed, but is there any other reason why I shouldn't continue to drive it without while I resolve the problem, once I have got the pump etc out of the way so they aren't rattling around?
    4. Out of interest, if I do this, is the steering performance I am experiencing heavier at low speed or otherwise deficient compared to an equivalent car supplied without power steering (say 504)?
    5. Anyone got a spare power steering pump for an srdt?!

    Happy Easter,

    Goonengerry 505

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    g'day thom,
    the pwr steering part of the steering box is really just a flow diverter
    between the pump and the ram, turn it one way and it pushes the ram out, turn the
    other and pulls the ram in. I see no reason why the pump and the ram can't be removed,
    appropriate holes plugged, and the car be drivable, possibly with lighter steering with the
    ram not there. steering box may need an o'ring kit thru it if you drive it dry for long enough
    but there cheap and not hard.



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