So at 60,000km, my pug has been flashing up this warning. It started perhaps a year ago, not long after the 40,000km service - on a long car trip, we went to pass a truck and the car beeped at us and flashed up the message. Next day it was gone, so we didn't worry so much.

Then it comes back maybe six months ago, but goes just as quickly. followed about a month ago with some limp mode.

Anyway, on the weekend it went really nuts - any sharp acceleration had the car shut down, and it wouldn't start again until after we'd completely stopped.

I was thinking perhaps clogged fuel filter, or else perhaps an issue with the FAP. I figured I'd do the easier options myself before spending enormous money to have a mechanic look at it.

So I bought a new fuel filter. On a whim, I bought a replacement oil filter and air cleaner as well. I figured if I had it apart, I might as well do the 60,000km service as well.

I fitted the new fuel filter last night, and found the problem. In three services, at 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000km, nobody had ever replaced the air cleaner. The air cleaner was completely clogged.

I hadn't checked the air cleaner before because it's pretty hard to get at. In my car, it's buried behind the engine, and I had to take the wipers and trim in front of the windscreen off to get access. That's also presumably why nobody had bothered to replace it.

The good news is that my little pug is now going perfectly again.

Oh well, I guess I learned my lesson before it cost me massive money.