Aero wiper blades
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    Default Aero wiper blades

    Just a heads up for anyone looking for the Aero wipers, $122 a set at Peugeot (trade price supposedly).
    Trico Tech blades at Autobarn are an exact match, $29.99 ea. Come with adaptors to fit the "pinch tab" wiper arms, as well as other adaptors to fit heaps of cars, new and old.
    Just put a set on my 307, it's like having a new windscreen and you can't tell the difference from the originals.


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    I had a big thread on 307 wiper blades prior to the AF brain fart. You should also be able to get the Bosch Aerotwins as well. I also ended up getting those blades for replacing ours. The only difference is they are slightly taller and are visible when parked.

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