New to the Peugeot World - 306 s16
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    Default New to the Peugeot World - 306 s16

    Hi all

    I just purchased a 1994 s16 which is my first Peugot.
    I was looking at a inexpensive runabout and did the tour of actions newspapers and the internet only to be met with varying degrees of rubbish.

    I saw this si16 advertised in the paper with 227000 on the clock and put off going out to look at it a couple of times. Then when I finally got there the car was in great condition despite its k's and it reminded me how I had always admired the shape and design of the Pug but never had the coin to buy one.

    I dont know alot about the model but did a little research and there are of course a couple of stories I had come across about the price of parts etc. It's seems to go well and has plenty of power for me. It has an oil leak on the RHS (drivers side) but I would not expect perfection for it's age, milage and sub $3K price.

    Can anyone tell me what I should be wary of with this model and perhaps recommend a mechanic in Perth who will not rip into me but knows his stuff.

    By the way should the cam belt be changed at 80 or 100K? and if it is not done and breaks does it cause major problems to the engine.

    Also where do you find the air filter and is it easy to change along with the oil filter and oil. It doesnt seem to say alot about fluid capacities in the owners manual.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Hi and welcome

    Congrats. on your purchase. These are wonderful cars to drive and when looked after and cared for, will generally not be too pricy to maintain.

    To answer your question on the timing belt it should be changed at a maximum of 80,000 kilometer intervals. Never leave it longer, preferably change it before the maximum. If the timing belt snaps your are in loads of trouble, say goodbye to engine. Make sure you change the pulleys and water pump when doing the timing belt.

    If you stand infront of the car the air filter is located on the right hand side, down below. It is located inside a black cylinder. Just follow the pipe down from the throttle body if you get confused.

    Oil and filter change is easy. Oil filter is located just infront of the radiator.

    4.0L without filter/ 4.3 with filter

    Hopefully this helps.


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    May as well have a look at the heater core?

    When the timing belt snaps all your valves go out of timing (hence the name timing belt) and the pistons will hit the valves and bend them... unless you are extremely lucky.

    Enjoy your new S16.

    btw... Dom, are you Dom with the black S16 who moved to queensland last year?

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