Valve Body Assemby - Reset ECU
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    Default Valve Body Assemby - Reset ECU

    Good evening all,

    Just hoping to get some thoughts on the following service costs-

    My mother took her Peugeot 307 (the code APN55X appears on the invoice) to the local French Car mechanic (Northern Beaches in Sydney) and was referred to a transmission specialist. The only symptoms she has described to me was once seeing a warning light pop up on the dash, and the transmission dropping down a bit roughly on steep hills.

    This visit cost her just a shade over $1800 broken up as follows:

    Remove/Replace valve body assembly and reset ECU (Labour $350)
    Exchange re-calibrated valve assembly $1400
    Fluid + Gasket $65

    Neither of my slightly ageing parents have a clue what has actually been performed on the car, and frankly neither do I.

    Appreciate your comments!


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    Years at a Peugeot specialist led me to believe replacing the 2x superseded shift solenoids fixed the root of all the al4 transmission issues. ~$600?
    Your job involved:
    1. Drain g/box fluid
    2. Remove obstructing ancillaries and valve body pan
    3. Disconnect and remove problematic valve body
    4. Fit valve body (possibly new or warranted 2nd hand - either would have new solenoids fitted)
    5. Refit pan, new gasket and ancillaries
    6. Fill with new al4 fluid
    7. Relearn ecu

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    Having spent 20 years of my life at a Peugeot Dealership Service Deptment all I can say is that your parents have been over serviced.

    The AL4 auto in the 307 is the worlds worst auto , but to spend $1800 on a car that has no clear fault and the owners have given no special instructions to carry out this work is simply not justified

    Where did the auto shop get the exchange valve body?
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    Hi Rally and Bobomacho,

    Thanks for your feedback. I'm keen to find out if the car drives any better now than before ~ but your comments are strengthening my suspicions.

    I can contact the workshop and find out where they got the valve body exchanged.

    Cheers, Split_Pin

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