205 on club reg in victoria
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    Default 205 on club reg in victoria

    Has anybody given any thought to putting their car on club rego next year? I am thinking about doing it as I am about to take my car off the road to restore but dont want to have to fully register it once complete because i cant afford two full regos. I ask this because vicroads website says that club rego can be for any car that is 25 years or older from time of manufacture. Or something along those lines. Just wanted to know what people thought?


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    I'm down with this too.

    I've been meaning to look into it but don't have the time.


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    Default Club reg in Victoria


    Any vehicle 25 years or over is eligible for club registration. Here are the basic facts under the new scheme which came into effect on February 1 this year:
    • The owner must be a financial member of the club sponsoring the membership
    • An application form (available on the VicRoads website) must be filled out
    • A RWC must be provided with the application for club membership
    • You must nominate if you want a 45 day or a 90 permit
    • If you choose a 45 day permit you can apply to have it extended to 90 days if you wish
    • You cannot have a permit for more than 90 days
    • A 45 day permit costs $62.00 and a 90 day permit costs $112.00
    • A log book is also issued with the permit ($2.50)
    • A windscreen label will be issued
    • The log book has to be filled out before each day's use - this must be done prior to commencing the journey at the start of the day
    • The vehicle can be used for any purpose and is not restricted to club events
    • The vehicle can be used without a logbook entry within 100 metres of the vehicle's garaged address
    • The club will require a form to be filled out with the vehicle details and acknowledging the owner will abide by the rules of the scheme. This is required as the each club participating in the scheme has entered into an agreement with VicRoads stating members will be compliant with the scheme.
    I hope this helps. Send me a PM if you want to talk further or require any other information.


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