Engine codes for 505's
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    Icon5 Engine codes for 505's

    I've had a good look around my car (and also did a bit of a search here) but can't find out what sort of engine my 505 has;
    ie as in the code.

    Someone was asking and they need it to source some parts.
    He asks for:
    Engine code (this identifies capacity/spec) – saying it will be something like ZDJ or ZDJL

    How can I work out which engine it is? It’s the original engine in an '88 build '89 GTi series 2 wagon. I have the engine no from the VicRoads (assuming the no is correct) could that help?

    There is some info on the bonnet that refers to an engine 'family' but the bonnet is not original and not necessarily from the same model 505. I do not remember seeing info like that on my original bonnet, I would have kept it if I had.


    Any clues most appreciated.
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    It'l be a ZDJL mate.

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    Your engine number is under the inlet manifold, just near the starter motor.

    You'll need to be a bit of a contortionist to find it. I found it was easier to take a photo with my phone, but I've less room under my bonnet than most.

    Don't be wearing a short skirt when you go looking for it, or if you do, make sure there's nobody about with a camera.

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    Default Engine Code

    Yeah, Sideways_505 is right. It will have a ZDJL engine in it. These are also called the Douvrin motor because of where they are made I believe. Yours will be a 2.2 litre.

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