206 Gti 180 overheating fixed.
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    Default 206 Gti 180 overheating fixed.

    I have a 2006 35000klms 206 gti 180. This can happen to low klm cars. This car has only one large thermo fan from factory and employs both a low and high speed.

    My symptoms were:
    When stationary or slow driving (i.e under 40 km/h) car water temperature would climb up to the line on the temperature gauge at the start of the red area (around 110'C) and the thermo fan would kick in at full speed and bring it back down to around half (around 90'C).
    This is way too hot and I figured the fan was starting too late.
    Read somwhere that the fan had a low and high speed relay. I checked the two relays which are green in colour and are mounted above the part we are replacing and they were fine.
    Before I fixed the problem I used my air conditioning all the time. This forced the thermo fan on at full speed for around ten seconds then it would break for around 20seconds then it would repeat.

    The part I replaced which fixed the problem was. Part cost around $20 at Trivett in Sydney.

    Fan resistance relay Part#1267 E3

    I'll try attach a photo later. for now it has a plug with three prongs and a resistor with a coil wrapped around it.

    To replace this I first removed the black cover that surrounds the bonnet latch. Held in by the plastic clips highlighted.
    206 Gti 180 overheating fixed.-206gti180-003.jpg


    In this photo you can just see the part we are to replace highlighted
    206 Gti 180 overheating fixed.-206gti180-005.jpg

    The part is held in with a 10mm bolt. This is accessible through the grill if you have a 3/8 or smaller drive set with an extension it should fit. Just need to align it with the adjacent hole in the honeycomb grill. Insert around here. Alternately use a normal spanner I just found the socket quite easy. Before removing the bolt remove the electrical connector first. To do this, from under the car, press the shiny wire on the connector in the centre upward and pull the connector off.
    206 Gti 180 overheating fixed.-206gti180-007.jpg

    Replace the part, plug it back in and test it. My fan now starts with a low speed setting around here. Much more comfortable. It may come lower with a coolant bleed but for now I am happy.
    206 Gti 180 overheating fixed.-206gti180-009.jpg

    Hope this helps a few people out there. Cheaper than a blown head gasket.

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    Thanks for posting, Phil.

    I still think it's sitting a bit high, but perhaps it had been running for quite a while when you took the photo.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SLC206 View Post
    Thanks for posting, Phil.

    I still think it's sitting a bit high, but perhaps it had been running for quite a while when you took the photo.

    Thats what happens with my car too. Just before it reaches 100 a fan kicks in and drops it to 90 so it ends up hovering between 90 and 100. This is more of an occurance in traffic than while driving.

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    Exactly the same as mine too. Its a bit of a worry, but I gather that many 180's have this issue. And as the OP says, if it starts getting too hot, I just turn the AC on.

    Having said all that, if there was a way of getting it to sit in the 90C range I would be very intetrested to hear it.

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    prehaps this isnt a worry at all, and its just simply quite normal operating temp for this car???

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