306 S16 Brake bleeding questions
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    Default 306 S16 Brake bleeding questions

    G'day all

    So I have replaced the rear pads as some of you will know.

    They are bedded in properly. However the pedal seems to be a bit spongy now. I assume some air could have got into the system when I was turning in the pistons.

    I have myself a one man brake bleeding tool. Do I need to do all the brakes or just the rears that I have touched. Any other advice would be appreciated greatly. This is the first time for me. I have also purchased some brake fluid.

    Thanks Dom


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    It is worth doing well while you are at it, so get new fluid in the whole system.

    Firstly, pesonally, i have never been a fan on those bleeding tools, nothing better than a man with a small 8mm spanner opening and closing the bleed valve.

    Before you start, try empty the fluid reservior and refill it with fresh fluid so no more old crap goes down the system. Start bleeding one corner at a time untill the new fluid bleeds through. You will notice the different colour when it does.

    Remember to keep topping up the reservior while doing all this, as if one drop of air (drop of air, hmm?) gets in, you need to start from scratch.

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