406 ST DT 2.1 Issues previously posted
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    Default 406 ST DT 2.1 Issues previously posted

    Hi everyone.

    Well, as an addendum regarding the previous post- Dec 2010- issues with the 406 1999 Estate car air leak in the fuel system- here's the story or should I say 'how not to go about things'.

    1. Start from simplest things first- if you have contaminated fuel, drain the tank and replace the fuel filter. Try not to disturb anything else.

    2. Try to remove the fuel lines from the tank prior to dropping it the seven inches or so to the ground. This is really simple- just lift off the cover underneath the rear Right seat, pull of the lines and electrical connection and voila- jobs done.

    3. If you can air bubbles in the fuel supply pipe to the pump- Be aware that a few bubbles are ok, lots are not.

    4. Replace the obvious stuff first- don't go for the big ticket items that 'maybe' are the route cause of the airleak problem first. Try to avoid spending many hundreds of dollars on fuel filter housings, fuel pickups etc.

    5. The fuel bleed screw at the banjo union on the Lucas Epic injection pump _will_ leak air after numerous re-tightening of the screw.: Don't be afraid to replace it...$20 from a local Enzed dealer.

    As some of you will know, I have been struggling with this persistent airleak for some months now and today- decided to address the simplest thing last- the fuel supply banjo.

    Problem solved....

    For those of you with a 2.1 three valve PSA Lucas Epic motor- I have some good bits now available for sale- including a fuel filter housing, fuel pickup and various factory fittings and lines including the squeeze primer pump and one way valve. I also have a functional Lucas Epic pump going cheap- it aint perfect but it goes....


    There are no more thoughts around burning this car to crispy hulk anymore....

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    Hi svengali.

    I've had a similar issue with a 406 2.1TD and had to rescue it from a rather reputable Sydney diesel mechanic, after I had found that they had removed the head, cam carrier, cam and valve springs etc. They then wanted to charge $3500 to put it all together again! All this without consulting me first.

    Anyway the returned most of the parts (lucky I had a spare head, after the stripped the threads in the injector 3 hole) but I've been missing many bolts but the most important one is the 11mm banjo bolt on the other side of the pump from the one that failed on yours. Its the bolt that fits inside the curved banjo union, without a bleed nipple on top.

    You don't still have this banjo union and bolt available do you?



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