Matching factory upholstery
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    Default Matching factory upholstery

    I was wondering if anyone in this forum had gone through the exercise (successfully) of obtaining fabric/s to match Peugeot original upholstery and, if so, from where did they obtain this fabric.
    I have a 406 HDi that needs the front seats reupholstered, but the back seat is fine. Unless I can find a match for the original fabric I will have to have the rear seat done as well to match, which is an unwanted expense.
    New skins can be had from Peugeot, which cost $1,400 each. That is an absurd figure that I refuse to pay.


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    Youre best bet would be to find s/h ones... Or maybe find a good rear seat set and have your front seats repaired using their covers.

    Ofter the front and rear seats use the same key panels.

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