Mi16 bump stop length
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    Default Mi16 bump stop length

    Hi all, bit of suspension advice needed, are the bump stops on a S2 Mi16 the same length as for other 405's?. Do they require trimming? The packaging list the bush as for 205, 306,309,405. Now the newie looks the same as oldie except for quite a bit of length, but i'm thinking that 17 years of bumps have just reduced the oldie to a stump.
    Also which bits of the bearing/donut etc should be greased on re-assembly?
    Will try to post a pic, thanks heaps in advance!

    Mi16 bump stop length-carbits-001.jpg

    Yup all done, new shocks, strut mounts, roll bar bushes and drop links, now drives like a new one. The other bump stop was even worse! A big day in the shed.

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