This was here before the great crash - figured i'd repost it.

You can remove the bumper from the car without removing the wheels or jacking up the car.


1. Remove the bolts from each side of the front wheel arches using 10mm socket
2. Remove the 2 plastic clips from underneath the bumper/inner wheel arch on each side - It's also a good idea to remove the clip from the upper front of the inner wheel arch to allow more movement in the inner wheel arch.
3. Remove the 2 screws from the bottom of the bumper in the middle of the bumper that attach to a plastic shield for the radiator.
4. Pop the bonnet, and remove the two screws near the front of the headlamps and the four plastic clips on the top grill near the bonnet release catch using a thin flat screwdriver
5. You need to release the 2 plastic clips that hold the bumper to the front fenders/wings/Quarter panels, pull the inner wheel arch to the side and you should be able to get to them. I used a small flat screwdriver for the first (closest one) and a much much longer one for the furthest one - you can see them in the picture below. Once you release one, give the bumper a slight pull to move it away from the catch.

5. All you should have to do is just pull out the front part near the bonnet release catch and you done.

6. There are 3 bolts holding the headlights in now - very easy to see to see in the above photo (bright silver).