GTi6 Suede Seat Care?
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    Icon5 GTi6 Suede Seat Care?

    Does anyone here know of any products/tips for looking after the suede inserts in leather seats?
    mine are starting to look a bit sad...

    Nearly every leather care product I pick up says "Do Not Use on Suede!"


    Any Ideas?

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    Default suede seats

    Hi Neil, back in the days of suede shoe's and jackets, you could buy a suede brush a very fine brush with brass bristles about as fine as small finger nail brush, and a spot cleaner metholated spirit base, dry cleaners used to charge an arm and leg to clean jackets, you could ask at dry cleaners for advice, other than that a Sddlery supplier outlet may help, washing Suede will only stuff up the nap and start to get shine spots, if you are still able to get a brush DONT GIVE the Suede a hard time light brushing is the go. hope that this advice helps Good luck.


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