RD4 Installing MP3 input Plus 407 AM radio poor performance
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    Default RD4 Installing MP3 input Plus 407 AM radio poor performance

    I am trying to find some one who has actually fitted the MP3 input via Aux 1 or Aux 2 input to the back of the RD4 head unit


    What bit of kit did you actually use was it the genuine PSA item or an aftermarket item - the original Pug one is about 27 UK Pounds from the UK how much is it from Peugeot Australia
    how does one actually remove the head unit
    How much did it cost to have the CAN system reprogrammed to accept it.

    Has any one had any issues with piss poor performance of the AM radio mid band position say about 4BH setting 882Khz.

    Mine is so "staticy" that its almost unusable - City Peugeot says thats normal it also has poor range unable to get 4BH much beyond logan way on the gold coast freeway or the Bribie Is turn off on the way north

    Would really appreciate feedback from any one ... I have tiniting on the rear window.

    Thanks Meggsy
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    I have the Peugeot MP3 aux connection installed, was done by dealer and works relatively well. You can really tell the difference in sound quality between the cd's and the aux input. I have really only used an ipod, but some sort of in line amplifier would make a difference. I don't have the connection that has the usb input, which would i assume use a direct line out from the ipod/mp3 stick.

    As for AM reception I usually just play cd's of listen to FM but I have had no problems listening to the cricket on 612 most of the way to the gold coast????

    It would be fantastic to be able to fit one of the later units which can play mp3 cd's!!!!


    Would love one of these

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    612ABC has a very powerful transmitter - you can pick it up over most of Southern Queensland using a decent radio that is not moving. It (and ABC Local in Townsville) are designated as official channels for getting information out in disasters.

    Our 308 has a MP3 player and the best thing you can say about it is it seems to work. Doesn't display titles and seems to be a bit "picky" at times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2353 View Post
    Doesn't display titles and seems to be a bit "picky" at times.
    Mine does - although only on mp3 CDs I've burnt with CD TEXT selected as an option.

    A regular CD of course will not display titles, as that is not part of the CD format.


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