5 speed into 504 - Linkage info
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    Default 5 speed into 504 - Linkage info

    Hey folks,

    Just hoping someone out there can help me with a drama i'm having.. I'm halfway through slipping a BA10/5 into my 1978 504, but i've hit a snag. Mine has the linkage (the part that the gearstick attaches to) bolted to the trans tunnel under the rubber boots.

    Problem is, the ball's on the new gearbox linkage point in a different direction to the old one, which means that the linkage that attach them to each other are pointing in the wrong direction slightly - by about 90 degrees.. This wasn't a problem for the short linkage - it has a lock-nut on it, but the long one is a fixed unit. Does anyone understand what i'm talking about?? This seems hard to describe..

    Anyway, with the cups of the linkage not lining up, i thought perhaps i could twist the whole assembly and get the required 90 deg's out of it - but in doing so of course I managed to break the cup off one end of the linkage.. Yep, should've heated it first and i might've had a shot.

    So, the question is, what linkage should i be buying to fit the bastardised gearbox/504 combo that weren't ever meant to go together?

    While i'm on the topic of problems with my recent 504 mod's, I'm also fitting power steering to it.. I've bolted the pump onto the engine (under the exhaust manifold side) and in order to get the pump pulley to line up with the crank pulley, i had to flip the pump pulley around, which gave it a lot longer reach, but will also load up the bearings of the pump a bit with belt tension.. Anyone know if this is the way to go about it? Praps i should take some pics and add them to my post...

    Anyway, if anyone can help me out with my long-winded post, i'd really appreciate it, as i'm sure there's a few folks out there that have already done exactly what i'm trying to do.. Cheers folks! Sam.


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    2 options:

    1. Use a 505 linkage. Easy.
    2. Stick yours in a vice so the vice acts as a heatsink for one end, add a couple of vice grips to the other end to do the same, heat the centre of it until it's red hot and twist to suit. Just make sure you've heatsinked it well otherwise the heat will melt the nylon in the ball joints.

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    When I converted my 504 twenty years ago(yikes) I used a 504 wagon link rod which was adjustable and could be rotated like the short one. Also I added about 50mm to the length of the lower ball joint end of the gearshift arm so that the throw of the gearshift was reduced.
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