Hi all,

just thought I'd give you an update on what I've been doing with my 504.
At the moment I'm repainting it panel by panel. This is turning out to be a fairly slow job, but the results so far have been great.

I had 4 sets of louvres stamped into a bonnet which I had soda blasted. I had this beaten into shape by a local panelbeater, and I primed and painted it myself. It has come up really well and looks great. The louvres let a lot of heat out - especially important now with the turbo V6 engine creating so much under bonnet heat.

I've also painted the boot now, which has also come up well. I'm doing a bare metal respray, repairing rust and welding new pieces of metal in, and I'm painting it in acrylic paint. I'm not too keen on painting two-pack myself because i don't have a mask. The acrylic is coming up great anyway.

So the boot and bonnet are done, and now I'm working on the roof, the 4 pillars, the rear quarter panels (because they are all one piece of metal), and the rear of the car (because it's all attached for the purpose of painting). This section has proven to be the most time consuming, mostly just getting the paint off the car! I've also spent 2 solid days with a friend with a MIG welder repairing rust in the car .

The car didn't have much rust at all (despite being 39 years old): some along the bottom corners of the rear windscreen, and some rust along the bottoms of the rear quarter panels. This rust has now been cut out and new pieces of metal have been welded in. Looks very good now. I broke the front windscreen getting it out, but it was scratched and I wanted to get a new one anyway - the rear windscreen came out fine.


I'm going to prime this section in the coming week, and hope to have it painted by very early Jan. I painted the car about 8 years ago, but time and carparks have taken their toll on the 504. Eventually the last part of the car to paint will be the engine bay, but this will be take a while because the V6 turbo engine takes up a lot of room and will need to be pulled out. I decided to do the car section by section so I could keep driving it in between sections.

That's about all I've been doing in the car. I took it out to the Marulan track a month or two ago and it went very well - even managing to get round a GT-S Skyline and a couple of new SS commodores.

In the future I'll try and put up some photos of the car and the painting - might be a while till I get access to the net again though!