Hey i'm a true Aussiefrog as i live half the time in France! I'm just letting you all know that i'm selling my 505 turbodiesel wagon on ebay at the moment. The Auction ends 31st Dec but i'm open to offers outside of ebay up to 12 hours before the auction ends. I wont have time to check this forum so it's best to call me with any questions and/or offers. I will seriously consider offers over $2,500. See the photos on ebay.

0467057236. Ben.

What follows is my description of the car that i put on ebay:
This car is unique: If you want a 8 seater wagon with the power, economy and reliability of a turbodiesel (TD) combined with a 5 speed gearbox in an affordable non computorised car then this is the only car in Australia.

This car has the same compenents and specifications as the 505 TD wagons that you find throughout France and Africa. The robust 2.3 TD engine with 5 speed gear box was only imported as a sedan, so the previous owner transferred the engine, front suspension, front brakes, fuel systems and engine electrical systems from a low km sedan into a petrol automatic GR wagon. The gearbox was imported, though all the gearbox components are available in Australia. The rear axle was re-engineered 50k km ago by a specialist using the differential from a 604 to obtain the correct ratios. At the same time the complete exhasut was custom built by Proffesional Exhausts. A huge ammount of money has been spent on this car by myself and the previous owner in bringing it up the this specification.

It starts, drives, handles and cruises perfectly. In the 9 years i have owned this car i have relied upon it for private interstate work/travel and have therefore been meticulous in maintaining and servicing the car, as a result it has never let me down. People who know the 505 and the TD engine would agree with me that if maintaned properly they will outlast any modern computorised car. Therefore at only 321,000 km (odometer from the TD sedan) this car is only half way through it's life! Indeed there is no way i'd be selling it if i had not emmigrated!

Obviously it can run on biodiesel as well as diesel, or a mix of the 2.


I'm selling the car with all 8 seats though only the front seats are currently fitted. The car comes with a sturdy plywood platform to make the loading area flat as i have been using it to carry large solar panels for work. This also makes a huge flat bed when travelling. There is storage space beneath the platform where the middle row of seats were. All the doors, locks and windows work perfectly. Everything works fine except the air-con, which did work very well after i repaired the condensor. It gradually lost effectiveness so i suspect a slow gas leak somewhere other than the condensor. The only other minor fault is a tiny amount of play in one of the track rod ends. I have purchased a replacement but have yet to fit it. I have recently replaced front brake pads, engine oil and filter, fuel filter, rear brake pistons, front suspension bushes, ignition switch, aternator and bearings in the overdrive section of the gearbox and 2 new tyres. Most of the maintenence/repair work has been carried out by a Peugeot 505 specialist in Melbourne, i can pass on the contact details.

In terms of safety, mechanical reliability and performance and handling this car is in excellent condition, however as you can see from the photos the bodywork is not perfect. However any scratches and rust are superficial not structural and to be expected with a car of the age. The legendary comfortable seats are fine though they have covers.

I have just paid $526 to register it until 22 Dec 2011. Regestration is not included in the action price. The winning bidder is welcome to pay me the additional $526 for 12 month rego, otherwise i will claim it back. The car will be available for viewing in Melbourne, and payment must be cash on pickup only. Unfortunately i am not providing a RWC, this is partly because interstate buyers would need an interstate RWC, and partly because i have already emmigrated and i'm only back in Australia for a very brief time. It had a RWC only 16,000km ago and so i expect it would pass a new one easily.

I've had some amazing adventures in this car so to say i'm attached to it is an understatement! Over Xmas is a terrible time to try and ebay a car, but i hope that within this short time period someone out there is in need of such a car and recognises it's true value. I know this car will serve that person fantasticly well for many years to come.