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Thread: 505 lazy speedo

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    Default 505 lazy speedo

    This week my 91 505 series 2 speedo became lazy. It doesn't return to zero it sits on about 20kph and as you drive it slow to increase in kph and bears no resemblence to actual road speed, and takes it time returning back down. I removed the instrument cluster today, removed the perpex cover and moved the needle by hand which free it up and started to return to zero.
    Pretty chuffed with myself I reinsalled the cluster and hey presto it was back to normal. But after a couple of small trips the problem is back.
    Has anyone out there in Aussie Frog Land experience this before and how did you fix it? Buy the way the cable is fine because the odometer still ticks over with no problems.

    Thanks in advance

    Regards Dale


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    The speedo instrument requires a clean & lubrication followed by a recalibration.

    You can save a few $$ by removing the speedo from the cluster, or just giving the cluster to the instrument shop. This is not an unknown problem with older mechanical instruments & most instrument shops will be familiar with the Jaeger brand.


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