hi, just going to share an experience of something I tried yesterday.

There was a patch on the drivers door trim where i rest my elbow; over the preceeding 12 yrs and 5 months the fabric wore away. completely. Area of a 5c peice...

Rather than looking for the non-existant second hand door trim of that exact colour (am trying to keep car sort of original) in excellent condition, or paying through the nose for a new door trim, I decided to graft new fabric into the offending area. I did this by locating a small swatch of fabric that fit in terms of colour and compositin (the '98 306 style has a very large pattern area) under a head rest. This was carefully cut out, and replaced (using suitable glue, applied sparingly) with some grey flannel I had lying about so the head rest does not look at all butchered.

I then proceeded to graft the new area into the damaged area. Using the new swatch as a template I cut out the damaged area. The new area was glued in. Area repaired is about 2-3cm2. With the exception of scar line and some height difference it is a perfect fix.

Car is at panelbeaters, will get photo when it comes back