Have 94 306 cabriolet. The roof suddenly stopped working a couple of days ago. I was checking the fuses and removed and checked, then put back a couple. All fuses seemed fine.( roof still bung tho..) but ever since then, when you turn the ignition off, the battery light in the dash stays on, and current is being drawn from battery and flattens it.

Now the electrics in this car have always been a bit weird, before this happened , ignition off killed everything, even the clock, so it always was the wrong time, and the door locks didnt work.


Since this change, the auto door locks now work! and the clock keeps time.. ( only because it and the radio now all stay live after key out). Manually turning off radio slows the battery drain, but dash battery light ( and clock section) still stay on and battery will be flat if left over night.

Any one have any ideas where to start? Last time i took a car to an auto electrician with odd problems, it cost a fortune, so am hoping to avoid doing that again...

any suggestions gratefully received.