Hello all – a few thoughts on mechanics I’ve used before I proceed, in case they are helpful for anyone:

I found Manuel Automatics in Thomastown to be good – they took care of the solenoid problem on my AL4 gearbox – I got referred to them from more or less everyone else I spoke to about getting the issue resolved so I would say these guys are ‘the go’ to for any hairy transmission issues. With a transmission service it cost $1600 or so all up.


I took my car to Virage Motors in South Melbourne for a service and issue with the thermostat housing leaking. I found Virage to be a little expensive for the work that was done. My leaking housing issue was not fixed and the guy that was there didn’t have the knowledge to activate the aux input for my RD4 radio (I was hoping to get both done at the same time).

Regan Motors in Hawthorn is the place I last took the car – they quickly replaced my thermostat housing and activated the aux input for me, again the job seemed a little expensive (although they activated my aux input for only $80, which in my investigation was by far the best price offered when calling around). They were professional.


I’ve got an electrical problem at the moment – rear left light cluster is not working and the aftermarket reversing sensor will not stop beeping. This electrical issue seems to be causing the odd intermittent warning beep but no associated warning message. I think I also have an issue with the power steering pump but I don’t think it is related.

I am thinking of taking the car to Sim's Motors in Brunswick as I have had them recommended by a friend but my question is - does anyone have any advice on whether such an issue would be best dealt with by a specialist auto electrician? (and if so do you have any recommendations at to where?)

Thanks in advance.