Peugeot 405 diesel rev counter issue
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    Default Peugeot 405 diesel rev counter issue

    My rev counter has not worked since i bought the car.
    I have cleaned and checked the wires both at the pickup and the connectors, i have also taken the speedo/ rev counter cluster out and cleaned the contacts.


    The other day the rev counter decided to work but only when the car is started from cold, when the engine heats up the rev counter refuses to work.
    When i shut the engine down from first cold start and restart the rev counter refuses to operate.
    Sometimes when the engine is started and car driven the rev counter needle will flick from one side to the other at random.

    Would the symptoms suggest the sender at the flywheel breaking down with the heat from the motor as its warming up?.
    Any help appreciated.

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    I know this isn't that helpful but a broken wire could be at play here (broken inside the insulation so not obvious) or perhaps a bad connection within a loom plug/socket.

    Good luck with it.

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    Default pick up

    there is a pick up [sender] on the rear of the engine flywheel end and yes it is in the region of the exhaust manifold cant recall exactly how and where it connects check the connection and condition of wireing as heat and oil can cause the insulation to brake down crumble and short out ,PUGS

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